Boutique Partnership Model

Prodigy Investment Partners is a multi-boutique investment management business bringing the brightest investment minds to benefit investors.

In building the Prodigy business, our key focus is to create sustainable investment businesses that delivers superior returns for our clients over the long term. We seek to partner with talented investment professionals to create quality investment strategies that can add significant value to clients.

A key factor in achieving these goals is in creating an appropriate business model for an investment management business. This is necessary to attract and retain the talented investment staff needed to deliver for our clients. Whilst there are a variety of business models in the Australian market, many struggle to have alignment with investors interests over the long term, and provide a platform for a sustainable, multi-generational boutique business.

The Prodigy business is structured around an innovative Boutique Partnership Model. The key attributes of the Partnership Model are:

  • Strong alignment between our business and the interests of our clients – our success is predicated on delivering great returns for our clients;
  • A model that provides great flexibility – it overcomes key issues including rewarding staff, facilitating transition and generational succession when required over the long term;
  • Ability for the investment team to focus solely on making good investment decisions - Prodigy provides the first class infrastructure and services to support them.